About Low Grade Inflammation

A pathological feature of a host of chronic diseases


This graphic alerts us to the fact that low grade inflammation is the primary driving force behind many of the most common,  chronic conditions of our time. Low grade inflammation begins in the gut and diet is central to this. Your food intolerance test will guide your food elimination diet and is your road map to resolving this inflammation.

What is low grade inflammation?

  • You can’t feel it
  • Lingers for years, silently and insidiously damaging organs and body tissues
  • When it has done sufficient organ / tissue damage – chronic disease emerges
  • It is primarily driven by the foods you are eating
  • Ensure that your hs-CRP ( high sensitivity ) inflammation test  score is less than 0.5 mg / L – the optimal level

Low grade inflammation is the reason why you :

  • Gain weight
  • Suffer low energy levels and poor concentration
  • Become sick
  • Age faster
Low Grade Inflammation Test (hs-CRP)

This test is designed to measure a very specific inflammatory marker known as CRP. This new test is a specialist “high sensitivity” version of the standard inflammation test and is referred to as hs-CRP. It will accurately measure your low grade inflammation status. High levels of this type of inflammation are associated with the conditions listed.
The test will grade your risk as:


All that is required is a small finger-prick sample of blood to do the analysis.

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