There are many factors which can be the cause of food intolerance, ranging from:

  1. Eating too quickly (leads to poor digestion of food)
  2. Major gastro-intestinal infection (travelling in third world nations)
  3. Overuse of rich, high sugar content foods
  4. Overuse of strong spices such as gralic, chilli etc.
  5. Overuse of alcohol
  6. Overuse of certain medication, such as antibiotics, steroids, immune suppressants etc.
  7. Prolonged periods of stress



Prolonged periods of stress lead to spasm of the stomach and intestines. The digestive system is unable to digest food when it is caught in such a spasm. It is like a clenched fist which is unable to relax. This results in undigested foods arriving in the intestines. It is these undigested foods which ultimately become the intolerance foods.

How Food Intolerance Causes Illness Such as Reflux

These undigested foods begin to interact with the normal intestinal bacteria and the end result is the production of many harmful toxins. This results in symptoms such as:

  • bloating
  • IBS
  • reflux

These toxins eventually begin to seep into the blood stream and are carried throughout the body. This results in a broad list of conditions ranging from skin problems, athritis, sinusitis, to asthma and many more.

The objective of the food intolerance test is to find the foods which are causing this toxic state so you know what you are dealing with and can take corrective action to get well again.

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