Infertility & miscarriage are related. If you have a fertility problem it is more difficult to conceive and you will have a higher risk of miscarriage. Both conditions may result from a wide range of common underlying problems such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and reduced ovarian reserve, to name but a few.

Infertility is a common condition affecting 15-20% of couples trying to conceive. You are considered to have a fertility problem if you have not conceived after 1 year of intercourse. Miscarriage is also common. On average 15% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage with increasing frequency as you get older. When the female is 42 years old, 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, increasing to over 70% at the age of 45.

Such issues need to be investigated medically and we recommend Dr. Phil Boyle from NaPro FertilityCare. We work closely with Dr. Boyle and his team and their contact details are:

Galway Clinic: Tel: 091-720055
Beacon Clinic: Tel: (01) 2933816

Food Intolerance

An increasing number of doctors have observed an association between food intolerance and infertility and miscarriage problems. Food Intolerance is a toxic state and it leads to irritation of the immune system causing it to behave inappropriately. It can exacerbate auto immune disease where the body starts attacking itself. Examples of autoimmune disease where the body starts to attack itself include:

  1. Rheumatoid Disease – where the immune system starts attacking the joints
  2. Thyroid Disease – where the immune system starts attacking the thyroid gland
  3. Coeliac Disease – where the immune system starts attacking the gut villi
  4. Crohn’s Disease – where the immune system starts attacking the gut lining
  5. Ulcerative Colitis – where the immune system starts attacking the gut lining
  6. There are over 100 listed Autoimmune Diseases

In the above list of conditions, the immune system is malfunctioning and attacking body tissues and vital organ systems. In cases of infertility and miscarriage, there appears to be a similar link. An increasing number of doctors and practitioners working in this area have observed that the incidence of infertility and miscarriage is less in patients following this food intolerance approach.

If you want to investigate if food intolerance has a role to play in your infertility / miscarriage issues, you should undergo a food intolerance test. For more details about about the food intolerance tests that are available to you, please visit the TEST SERVICES section of our website.

How To Order Food Intolerance Test:

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Acupuncture Treatment

The role of acupuncture in the treatment of infertility issues has been well highlighted. In 2002, a team of German researchers discovered that acupuncture significantly increased the odds of pregnancy among a group of 160 women who were undergoing IVF treatment. It transpired that 42% of the women who received acupuncture got pregnant compared to 26% of those who did not receive the treatment.

british acupuncture council member – Can acupuncture boost my fertility

This video clip is a dramatic demonstration of how the diet of the mother can impact upon her child.

Martin studied for three years at the College of Traditional Acupuncture UK, graduating in 1983. He is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. He has worked in professional practice for over 31 years. Having trained with many celebrated teachers over these many years, Martin now brings his unique experience and specialist skills to the Fitzwilliam FoodTEST Clinic.