Could Skin, Arthritis or Digestive Issues Be Traced Back To Gut Health?

It was reported in September 2019 that world-leading gastroenterologist Professor Nicholas Talley has secured 5.5 million Australian Dollars in grants to investigate if a host of chronic diseases all begin in the gut.

Professor Talley said that research is supporting our theory that food allergies and infection in the gut drive holes in the gut wall.  This allows seepage from the gut into the blood stream.  This triggers the immune system to turn on inflammation which then manifests into disease. In the October 2019 issue of IHCAN Magazine  he said that “if we are right, we can turn down the immune system a little bit, turnoff the inflammation and cure many diseases”.

Linking food allergy and a “leaky gut” as the possible root cause of the following chronic inflammatory diseases  is radical.

It has never been voiced by a research scientist of this calibre before. It could shift more focus towards treating “root cause” as opposed to just treating symptoms – which in many cases is now the norm.

It will take Professor Talley and his team all of five years or more to establish definite proof. If successful, his approach will empower people by highlighting how they can treat the “root cause” of their illness through diet. This will then improve their gut health as opposed to just suppressing symptoms.

If indeed diet and our gut health are crucial factors in the causation of chronic disease as Talley suggests, a recent article Could Your Pills Be Making You Ill highlights the possible negative effects on our gut health of many commonly prescribed medicines. Given that upwards of 70% of our immune system is located within our gut, the obvious dangers associated with taking medicines that could possibly damage our immune system is worrying.

Next Steps

Going forward, everyone needs to ask the medical team they are attending

  1. If they are treating the root cause of the disease or just managing the symptoms?  If the latter, bring Professor Talley’s  work to their attention.
  2. If they are aware of the of their prescriptions on the microbiome and gut health. If not, bring this article to their attention.

We know that in many cases it takes upwards of seventeen years for breaking research to make its way to the front-line clinicians who are treating patients.

Foods that we are consuming every day of our lives can have a crucial impact on our gut health. For those who wish to explore a change of diet as a way to improve their gut health, help is at hand.

Food Sensitivity Tests to guide the food elimination diet are now available. These tests are all CE marked in compliance with EU regulation of medical devices

Before making changes to your diet, consult with your own doctor who will incorporate the results from the tests into your ow medical treatment plan.