Tiredness Symptoms

 Tiredness (lethargy) is such a common complaint that people and sometimes doctors overlook the problem. Many have come to regard it as just a fact of life. People who work hard and put in long hours will inevitable feel tired at the end of the day. However, what we are focusing on in this article is the overwhelming feeling of tiredness (lethargy) which is more than the normal and is not greatly helped by extra periods of rest and sleep or medical intervention.

Tiredness Causes

There are many medical conditions which can cause low energy levels and lethargy. Common medical conditions such as anaemia or thyroid imbalance can lead to this state of chronic tiredness. Your GP will do blood tests to quickly confirm or exclude such common causative factors.

However, in a lot of cases having done all the relevant blood tests, no abnormalities are found. Such people will be very surprised to find that in a significant number of cases, food intolerance could be an important contributing factor.

How Does Food Intolerance Cause Tiredness?

Food intolerance means that certain foods are not digesting properly and such foods will lead to a toxic state within the digestive tract. Food is fuel and our source of energy and vitality. If you are not able to digest the foods that you are eating,  such foods start to slowly poison you. It is because food intolerance produces no immediate or obvious symptoms that it has been overlooked by the general public and by the medical profession in general.

The Solution

 By finding your intolerant foods and eliminating them from your diet, you stop the creation of these gut toxins. The digestive system begins to work more efficiently and is again able to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream. Free from this toxic load, the body quickly recovers its former energy levels.

Unfortunately there is no standard diet plan specifically for tiredness. Each person will have a different range of food sensitivities which may be causing their tiredness. Many people have resolved their tiredness symptoms by using the food IgG antibody test. This helps to personalise the diet by eliminating problematic foods.

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