On your first visit to our Food Intolerance Clinic in Dublin we will take your details and collect a blood sample from you. That sample takes approximately two weeks to process. On your return visit we will explain the significance of the test result readings and advise you with regard to dietary changes based upon these test results.

Frequently Asked Questions

No need to fast beforehand on the day of the test. Additionally, eat as normal on the days leading up to test.

We recommend that you eat as normal on the days leading up to the test. Additionally, we recommend you try and get some goat and soya products into your diet beforehand. Also, try to get some spelt bread and sweet potato.

The test works by measuring food specific IgG antibodies in your blood. This tells us how you react to foods that you have eaten. Wheat and milk (dairy products) are problem foods for a lot of people. We need to test these products because they make for good alternatives should you prove to be sensitive to cow’s milk (dairy products) or wheat.

We advise that you eat at least one portion per day of these foods for 5-7 days before taking the test.

Do not eat any food which has already caused a reaction without first getting a medical opinion from your GP.

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