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Over the years we have been featured in The Irish Times and Irish Independent.
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Some of our previous customers have kindly shared with us how our food intolerance testing has helped them.
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A change of diet changed my life

I contacted the Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic and got its test done. It involves more than 90 different types of foods and tests your blood against them for a reaction. I was intolerant to dairy and eggs. An intolerance is different to an allergy.

The results have been astonishing, life-changing. The sores on my scalp have disappeared. After seven years, I am off PPIs and my stomach is fine. The pains in my joints have gone, and the fatigue is improving too.

Michael Kellyauthor and founder of GIY (Grow It Yourself) IrelandIrish Times News

A Change of Diet Help To Improve Health

A SEVEN-year-old girl with autism has dramatically improved as a result of a simple blood test carried out at the Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic in Dublin which revealed her intolerance to eggs.

A midwife advised that she be checked for food intolerance. Her eye contact and breathing improved and her stomach problems disappeared. She also grew 8cm in 15 weeks.

The difference was startling. She was no longer frustrated by things and was able to learn and communicate and play with her friends. She is now in a mainstream school and is a chatty, happy little girl.

Fortune FamilyIrish Independent News

Bloating Reduced Due To A Change In Diet

I used to be scared to go out because I knew if I met friends for dinner, I would spend half the night feeling ill and looking for the nearest toilet.

My stomach was often so bloated I looked like I was eight months pregnant and couldn’t fit in my clothes. I felt like I had stones inside me, or as if someone was poking and squeezing my stomach.

Just 10 days after taking the food intolerance test, Katarzyna’s results came back revealing she was intolerant to dairy.

I cut out milk, yogurt and eggs and straight away noticed a difference.

I had no bloating, my tummy was flat, I wasn’t running to the toilet, and I could wear my clothes again.

Katarzyna MorawskaIrish Independent Lifestyle

As someone who spent the first decade of her working life existing on convenient bread and cheese, followed by the equally habitual coffee and nicotine, it came as no surprise that one of the foods flagged by the food intolerance test was, in fact, dairy.

The test was carried out by Fitzwilliam FoodTest – a Dublin-based clinic that offers over 25 years of experience in food intolerance testing and treatment.

Jackie KeoghReporterSouthern Star Cork Lifestyle