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Premier Food Sensitivity
Testing Clinic

The Science Supporting Food Sensitivity Test

Dr Nigel Abraham is scientific director at our laboratory. He has over 20yrs experience in this specialist area of allergy & food sensitivity. See his presentation of the science supporting this test in relation to:

  • IBS

  • Bloating / Digestive issues

  • Overweight issues

  • Migraine / headache

  • Depression

  • Inflammation


Dr Nigel Abraham

(clinical immunologist)

Could your condition be caused by food sensitivity?

Martin Healy explains more on The Morning Show

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Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic is an Irish company and has more than 35 years of clinical experience in treating conditions such as bloating, inflammation etc. Diet and especially undigested food (food sensitivity) is often at the root of such problems.

Food Intolerance Testing is a vague reference. It does not involve the immune system. We use the term intermittently because it is what people search for when trying to access our services.


The term Food Sensitivity Testing better describes the laboratory blood test service that we provide:

  • Where specific foods activate the immune system

  • Resulting in IgG antibody production

  • Where inflammation is the result.

What options do you have?

Filling Out a Medical Form

Book An Appointment

Contact us to book an appointment with Martin Healy, the clinic director, in his clinic in Dublin 2.

Talk to Martin face-to-face about your food intolerance, what’s causing your illness, and how to overcome it.

Purchase a food testing kit -  delivered free to your door nationwide.

​We post the test kit to you. A small fingerprick blood sample is all that is required and you post that sample back to us for our laboratory to process.

Want to learn more?

Allergy Testing - our test is not a classic IgE test used for food allergy testing. Food Sensitivity Testing is our specialist area. Click "This Link for Details". Please seek the advice of your doctor before booking a test. 


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CE Marked Test

Our food sensitivity test is used in over 200  Laboratories Internationally to provide the optimal testing service for people across the globe.

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