Our 93 food sensitivity test a very comprehensive food intolerance test kit checking 93 of the most common foods known to cause intolerance. As with all of these tests, each food is tested individually. Given that wheat and dairy products are common intolerance foods for a lot of people, it is important to also test foods that can be used as alternatives. Some of the most popular and most nutritious alternatives include goats products, soya and spelt bread.


Kit Details:

  1. This food test kit is approx 14 cm x 12 cm x 2 cm so it will pass through a standard letter box.
  2. It has the CE certification mark and it conforms with European regulation.

Kit Contents:

  1. Lancet for pricking the finger
  2. Bulbous head capillary tube for drawing up the blood sample
  3. Blood collection tube
  4. Transportation bottle to protect the blood sample in the blood collection tube during transportation
  5. Elastoplast to cover the wound
  6. Return envelope – Superstrong, Post Office Approved

Before taking  our 93 food sensitivity test, please read our Pre-Test Instructions



  1. You will receive a copy  of your laboratory test result within two weeks of sending us your blood sample.
  2. It is our recommendation that you should bring these test results to the attention of your GP for their consideration.