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Do you suffer with bloating, irritable bowel or reflux? Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic has more than 30 years clinical experience in treating such conditions. Diet and especially undigested food (food intolerance) is often at the root of such problems. Changing your diet is an essential part of the treatment process.

About Our Food Intolerance Tests

We use laboratory blood tests to assist people. These tests are high sensitivity, antibody tests. They have been designed to guide you through your food elimination process.  Our food intolerance tests take two weeks.  The tests we use are CE marked – in compliance with EU regulation of medical devices.

Please Note

We do not test for food allergies. A food allergy is a medical condition which needs to be diagnosed by a hospital.

We have two options for those who would like to take a food intolerance test.

In this video Martin Healy explains the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance. He explains about the food groups which cause food intolerance. A full list of foods tested can be found here  In the video he also talks about how inflammation and chronic illness can be linked to food intolerance.

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A specially designed blood collection kit will be posted to you.

Only a few drops of blood from your finger are required to do the analysis.
The test kit will pass through a standard letter box.

The test results will be posted to you within two weeks.

the list of foods included in the food intolerance tests

Before taking our food intolerance tests,

please read our Pre-Test Instructions

After Care

Following the laboratory analysis of your blood sample,
you can either book a clinic appointment or a phone consultation to discuss your test results.
We will interpret the readings for you and advise on how best to implement the necessary dietary changes

  • 200 food sensitivity test Kit - Fitzwilliam FoodTEST Clinic, Dublin

    200 Food Test

  • 93 food sensitivity test Kit - Fitzwilliam FoodTEST Clinic, Dublin

    93 Food Sensitivity Test

  • food sensitivity indicator test

    Indicator Test

  • Low Grade Inflammation Test

  • Food Intolerance Book