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Do you suffer from bloating, irritable bowel, or reflux?

Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic is an Irish company and has more than 35 years of clinical experience in treating such conditions. Diet and especially undigested food (food intolerance) are often at the root of such problems.

About Our Food Intolerance Test

We use laboratory blood tests to assist people to make positive changes in their dietary choices. These tests are high sensitivity, antibody tests. They have been designed to guide you through your food elimination process.

The tests are CE mark certified in full compliance with EU regulation of medical tests. They are medical-grade tests so you can have confidence in your food intolerance testing results.

Could your condition be caused by food intolerance?

See this 3 minute video (below) to find out more.

Our food intolerance test is used in over 200  Laboratories Internationally to provide the optimal testing service for people across the globe.


We have several options for those who would like to take a Fitzwilliam food intolerance test.

















Contact us to book an appointment with Martin Healy, the clinic director, in his clinic in Dublin 2.

Talk to Martin face-to-face about your food intolerance, what’s causing your illness, and how to overcome it.

Purchase one of our food testing kits and have it delivered to your door nationwide.

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We post the test kit to you. A small fingerprick blood sample is all that is required and you post that sample back to us for our laboratory to process.

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Collecting the blood sample is very simple. See the "Blood Collection Video" clip that demonstrates the simple fingerprick blood collection process.

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