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Blood Collection Video Tutorial

The food intolerance test requires only a small fingerprick blood sample. Approximately eight drops of blood are all that is required, and you post that sample back to Fitzwilliam Food Test for our laboratory to process. Collecting the blood sample is very simple. The short video below will demonstrate the simple fingerprick blood collection process.

3 Minute Blood Collection Video

What is included in the food sensitivity test kit? 

  1. Lancet for pricking the finger

  2. Bulbous head capillary tube for drawing up the blood sample

  3. Blood collection tube

  4. Transportation bottle to protect the blood sample in the blood collection tube during transportation

  5. Elastoplast to cover the wound

  6. Return envelope – Super strong Post Office Approved


What size is the food sensitivity test?

The test kit is approx 14 cm x 12 cm x 2 cm so it will pass through a standard letter box.


Before doing food intolerance testing, please read our Pre-test Instructions.

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