What happens after you get your results back.


Following the food intolerance testing/analysis of your blood sample, you can either book a clinic appointment or a phone consultation to discuss your test results. We will interpret the readings for you and advise on how best to implement the necessary dietary changes.

To get the best result from your test report you need to have your progress supervised over an extended period. This must be done by your GP and his/her appointed nutritionist who will attend to the aftercare associated with this test report.

Long Term Support

Nutritionists listed on the website are particularly skilled around “gut healing”. Food intolerance is all about improving gut health. Your nutritionist would support and guide you regarding the nutrition aspect of the dietary changes. In addition to supervising the diet, they would advise which probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins / nutrients you could take to further support and accelerate your gut healing process.

Given that food intolerance can be a long-term issue, people tend to achieve optimal improvement in their digestion when they work with a nutritionist who would support them into the long term. Given that NTOI (Nutritional Therapy of Ireland) members are working throughout the country, you should be able to contact a member in your own locality.