In many cases, conditions such as irritable bowel, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, sinusitis, migraine etc are but different manifestations of inflammation caused by food intolerance. If the problem foods can be identified accurately and removed from the diet, there will be a very significant improvement in health.

Food intolerance begins when the digestive system is no longer able to process foods as they pass down the digestive tract. These undigested foods sour, putrefy and ferment within the gut producing toxins. The scavenger gut bacteria feed off this waste creating a toxic gut environment.

In many cases, this is the feeding ground for many of the chronic diseases of our time.

Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic defines food sensitivity testing (food intolerance) as a food-specific IgG antibody reaction.  Please note that food allergy is totally different to food intolerance. Food allergy is a more immediate and obvious reaction after eating the trigger food.  Food intolerance is associated with a slow onset of the symptoms after eating the trigger food. It is far less obvious because of the delay in onset of symptoms.  Consequently, it has been mostly overlooked.

Queries relating to food allergy testing Dublin or anywhere in Ireland should be referred to your GP.

About Food Intolerance