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Food Sensitivity Testing

The term food intolerance does not clearly reflect or describe our clinics work. We use the term food intolerance testing intermittently because it is what people search for when trying to access our services. “Food Sensitivity Testing” better explains the testing service we provide.

The scientific term for our sensitivity test is – non-IgE, immune mediated (IgG antibodies), type 3 allergy, to identify foods to help guide the food elimination diet.

Fitzwilliam Food Sensitivity Test

Food sensitivity begins when the digestive system is no longer able to process foods as they pass down the digestive tract. These undigested foods sour and putrefy within the intestines. Toxic gut bacteria feed off this undigested food. This creates a toxic gut environment. Bloating, Indigestion, gut irritability is the result. Left untreated, these gut toxins begin to seep into the blood stream. There they trigger the immune system into over-response mode (autoimmunity) causing all manner of chronic inflammatory disease.


Our food sensitivity test can detect the immune system’s IgG antibody response to individual foods. This information is used to guide the food elimination diet. A myriad of scientific publications endorse this approach.

Allergy Test - our test is not a classic IgE test used for food allergy testing. Food Intolerance Testing (sensitivity test) is our specialist area. Please seek the advice of your doctor before booking a test.


Queries relating to classic food allergy testing Dublin or anywhere in Ireland should be referred to your GP.


Fitzwilliam Food Intolerance Test

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