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Pre-test Instructions

We recommend eating your normal diet leading up to the test. Get your doctor’s advice on any food you have excluded but want to re-introduce for the purpose of doing this test. If approved by your doctor, including one portion per day for 5-7 days before collecting the blood sample.

Pre-test Food Suggestions

  1. Goat’s products (cheese, yogurt) are for many people a good alternative to dairy products.

  2. Soya products and especially organic soya is another good alternative.

  3. Sweet potato is a possible alternative to standard potato.

  4. Spelt bread makes for a good alternative for wheat sensitive people.

However, to confirm if these are good alternatives for you, it is important that you include them in your diet for five to seven days before doing the test.


These antibodies remain in your bloodstream for approximately two to three months.  Your test will be assessing your reaction to foods you have eaten over that period.

Check which foods are tested in the 93 Food Test and 200 Food Test .

Please seek the advice of your doctor before taking a test.

For children under 16yrs of age we need a GP referral and the letter must specifically request a food intolerance test. The GP must collect the blood sample. We will do the laboratory analysis and return the results to the GP.

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