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Martin Healy,

Clinic Director,

Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic

I have over 30 years work experience in the healthcare sector that commenced in the mid-1970s, initially in nursing, working in both Ireland and UK hospitals. A further three years of third level
education in England, specialising in acupuncture and holistic medicine, resulted in I gaining additional post-graduation experience while working in clinics there.

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Recognising, as many fellow practitioners did in the mid 1980’s, that food intolerance was linked
with chronic inflammatory disease, I set about concentrating on the elimination diet and studying
with nutritionists best skilled in this area. The realisation on this journey was the crucial role of food intolerance in causation of chronic inflammatory disease. 

This early introduction to food intolerance testing led to effective treatment of relapsing,
intractable, inflammatory disease, and the establishment of Ireland’s first food intolerance clinic,
together with exclusive Ireland partnerships with leading specialist laboratories, including Cambridge Nutritional Science Laboratory (UK). 

As a dedicated Food Intolerance Clinic, since the late 1990’s, when the first laboratory-based food
intolerance test was launched, and while working with leading scientists in established premier
laboratories, new microarray-based IgG antibody test technology was developed and first
introduced by the Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic to Ireland. 

In addition to Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic clients, the clinic provides this food intolerance testing
service to an increasing number of doctors, fertility clinics, nutritionists, and associated healthcare practitioners in Ireland.

Martin Healy
Fitzwilliam Food Test

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