Test Details

The first thing you have to decide is whether you would like to order the mail order test our would you prefer to come into the clinic for the blood collection (at no extra cost). There are three tests available:

Food Indicator Test – €35

This test is designed to simply give a Yes or No result to determine if a more detailed food test is necessary. If this indicator test result is No, you are unlikely to have an IgG mediated food intolerance.

However, if the result is Yes, then a more comprehensive test is required to determine which foods are causing the elevated IgG antibodies. Fitzwilliam Food Test defines food sensitivity / food intolerance as a food-specific IgG antibody reaction.

93 Food Test - €255

This test checks for 93 of the most common foods that can cause an intolerance reaction.

List of Foods Tested

200 Food Test - €340

Commonly referred to as Food Test 200. This test checks for 200 of the most common foods that can cause an intolerance reaction.

List of Foods Tested

*Please note: The “Low Grade Inflammation Test”  comes free of charge with the 200 test. See video below for details of this test.

Low-Grade inflammation Test - €65
Low-Grade inflammation lurks silently below the surface, slowly and insidiously damaging tissue. It is associated with many chronic, degenerative diseases. This test measures the level of low-grade inflammation in your body.

Many of the chronic conditions listed are rooted in inflammation. This low grade  inflammation is strongly associated with food intolerance:
* Irritable bowel
* Digestive issues
* Bloating
* Diarrhoea
* Constipation
* Headaches
* Overweight
* Skin issues

Your food intolerance test will guide your food elimination diet. It is your guide, your road map to resolving this inflammation.

*Please note:  Allergy Testing - our tests are for food intolerance and not food allergy testing. Please seek the advice of your doctor before booking a test.