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Client  Reviews

Please see below a selection of reviews from Facebook and Google and links to their sites.


Over the years we have been featured multiple times in The Irish Times and Irish Independent. We have also appeared on TV3 several times, as well as various radio shows such as Pat Kenny on RTE Radio 1 and on the Morning show on Newstalk.


Some of our previous clients have kindly shared with us how our food intolerance testing has helped them. To see a Fitzwilliam Food Test review just click on the review buttons below.

Dell Moyes

Facebook Review

" My experience with Martin and the food intolerance testing was so helpful. I gained personalised knowledge that empowered me to take back control over my gut health and overall wellbeing. In a world of generalised and unsolicited dietary information, this is a powerful tool and I highly recommend it "

Katarzyna Morawska

Irish Independent Lifestyle

" I used to be scared to go out for dinner because I would spend half the night looking for the nearest toilet and feeling ill. My stomach was so bloated I looked like I was 8 months pregnant. I felt like I had stones inside me but a change of diet has changed my life. "

Image by Edward Cisneros

Melanie Cronin

Facebook Review

" It has only been a couple of weeks since my food intolerance results and the improvement has been life changing. After being in constant pain for years I am so much healthier and happier since cutting out my intolerance foods "

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