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Intolerance To Grains – Alternative Foods

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Next to dairy products, wheat is the second most common problem intolerance food for people. For the majority of people with a wheat intolerance, total avoidance is impossible and in most cases, not necessary. By excluding just the obvious wheat products from your diet, you will experience a dramatic improvement in your general health. Equally, the small amount of wheat used to thicken soups and gravies etc, will normally not affect people.

This is the important difference between a food allergy and food intolerance. Food allergy means total 100% avoidance. With food intolerance, a small amount of the trigger food will generally cause no problems.

Additionally, with food intolerance, it is often a specific part of the food that triggers the intolerance reaction. With wheat intolerance, very often it is the gluten components that is the most problematic part.

Wheat Bran

Wheat bran is a very coarse fibre and will further irritate your already inflamed intestinal tract. Intestinal inflammation is the basis of food intolerance. High fibre breakfast cereals such as All Bran, Bran Flakes, Weetabix  etc, are the greatest problem for those with a wheat intolerance. High fibre breads should also be avoided. White doughy bread is just as much a problem.

intolerance to grains


Gluten is the elastic protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. It is a glue like substance that holds together baked goods. Try baking a cake with rice flour, rice is gluten free. It will crumble because there is no gluten to hold it all together. Gluten intolerance is very common. Gluten intolerance can activate your immune system and trigger a cascade of gut and other inflammatory conditions

Gluten Intolerance Testing

The IgG food antibody test will tell you if you have raised antibodies to gluten.  This indicates a loss of tolerance for gluten. If your gluten antibodies are elevated you must avoid all gluten cereals – spelt, wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Being gluten intolerant does not mean that you are suffering with coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is an extreme sensitivity to gluten and is a lifelong condition. Gluten intolerance may ease after a period of avoidance.

Wheat Alternatives

Spelt bread is a great alternative for some wheat sensitive people. It is lighter and easier to digest. Spelt is tested for elevated antibodies in the IgG antibody test. Raised antibodies would indicate a loss of tolerance for spelt. Spelt bread does contain some gluten. As a result it is not suitable for people who are gluten intolerant.

Rye Bread

Rye bread is another great alternative for people suffering with wheat intolerance. It can be included in the diet if you don’t have elevated antibodies for rye. However rye bread also contains gluten and is not suitable for people who are gluten intolerant.

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Food IgG Antibody Test

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