• Martin Healy Lic Ac

Acne & Food Intolerance

Treating The Root Cause of Acne

Acne is a common condition, mainly affecting teenagers and young adults. However, adult onset acne is not uncommon. In severe cases acne symptoms can include scarring of the skin.

Note: Squeezing or picking your acne could make your symptoms worse and may leave you with permanent scarring.

Acne Causes

There can be an association with increased hormone levels especially during puberty. However, skin bacteria appear to be the primary cause. In the majority of cases, taking a course of antibiotics – which kills the bacteria – is usually very successful in controlling the condition.

Note: – However, there can be side effects associated with taking antibiotics to treat acne


Antibiotic Prescribed for Acne are Particularly Problematic

Antibiotics prescribed for acne treatments are particularly worrying because they have to be taken for an extended period of time – up to six months. But when you stop using these antibiotics, in many cases, the condition returns. A further concern is that the antibiotics commonly prescribed are broad-spectrum antibiotics such as Tetracycline. These antibiotics indiscriminately destroy both the good and bad bacteria alike (especially in the gut) and can lead to problems such as IBS, bloating, digestive problems and increased weight gain. Of particular concern is the fact that a lot of the good bacteria in the intestinal tract (which can help to clear the skin) are destroyed by these broad-spectrum antibiotics. The toxic gut bacteria (which add to the skin problems) are inadvertently encouraged by this approach.

toxic spores within the colon leads to bloating

The graphic shows the gut bacteria. The blue and green globules are the overgrown, toxic spores within the colon. The white speckles are the toxins release by these toxic gut bacteria.