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Does Food Intolerance Testing help Migraine?

Does Food Intolerance Testing help Migraine?

Food intolerance testing is a vague term. The term “food sensitivity testing” better describes the laboratory blood test service that we provide.

Neuroinflammation (inflammation within the brain or spinal cord) is an important mechanism in various neurological disorders, including migraine (1). Although the actual disease process of migraine headaches is not well understood, evidence supports the use of IgG food sensitivity testing as a beneficial tool for practitioners to determine whether food sensitivities (2) are a contributing factor.

Further, clinical evidence supports the use of an IgG food sensitivity test guided elimination diet combined with probiotics as beneficial for those suffering with migraine with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (3).

Allergy Testing Dublin. People frequently contact us about an allergy test. Please note, our test is not a classic IgE skin prick allergy test. Food Intolerance Testing (sensitivity test) is our specialist area. Please seek the advice of your doctor before booking a test. Queries relating to classic food allergy testing Dublin or anywhere in Ireland should be referred to your GP. Classic allergy tests are frequently done in specialist hospital clinics.

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