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How To Lose Weight

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

People frequently ask about how to lose weight. If you understand the root cause of the problem, you will achieve lasting weight loss. Regrettably, treating the symptoms of obesity with a “diet” approach (Atkins diet, low carb diet, etc) has become the norm. It does not work in the long-term and that is why obesity has become a chronic, relapsing condition for many people. Only science can offer us a trusted weight loss approach.

The Scientific Evidence:

Being overweight is not simply a case of overeating, it is a medical condition.

The emerging scientific evidence (1) indicates that being overweight is an inflammatory disease. Obese people tend to suffer with a type of inflammation commonly referred to as low-grade inflammation.

Low Grade Inflammation:

The outstanding feature of low-grade inflammation is that is does not cause any obvious pain or noticeable stiffness or discomfort. It causes low grade tissue damage throughout the body and in most cases, it progresses totally unrecognised. It causes waterlogged tissues to become bloated and swollen. This type of inflammation is at the root of many overweight issues.

Overweight people have elevated levels of inflammatory markers in their blood.

What is Driving This Inflammation?

The scientific publications (2) show that one of the causes of inflammation could be a response to food triggers. The body uses inflammation as a mechanism to rid itself of these food triggers. The same as it uses inflammation to rid itself of an invading virus or bacteria. However, the low-grade inflammation associated with these food triggers is not obvious to the person. Consequently, the person continues to blindly eat these inflammatory foods.

How to Lose Weight:

The testing technology is now available to help us find

  1. If we suffer with low grade inflammation -using an inexpensive (€65) blood test.

  2. Which food triggers are causing this exaggerated inflammation response.

These medical-grade tests are CE marked certified in full compliance with EU regulation of medical tests. Details available on the Test Details page.

This test technology is used in over 200 laboratories internationally.

How to Lose Weight Fast?

Most simple “diet” strategies to weight loss fail in the long-term. In the end, hunger usually wears down our resolve. This inflammation approach offers us a new way forward. There is no counting of calories or strict diets to follow. How to reduce weight - simply use the test to detect your food triggers. Remove these from your diet and replace them with equally nutritious food. No counting of calories, no hunger - it is as simple as that.

Martin Healy

Fitzwilliam Food Test

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Does obesity cause inflammation or does inflammation lead to obesity?

Written by Jennifer Lutz | Reviewed by Jessica Rodriguez CNP

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