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Inflammation - The Root of All Ills

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic, Ireland premier food intolerance clinic highlights how blocking inflammation does not fix the root cause of this out-of-control inflammation.

An Irish laboratory has secured €380m for their work in helping to develop drugs to block out-of-control inflammation. Their work highlights the crucial role of inflammation in chronic disease. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, asthma, arthritis, MS, to bowel disease, etc (Irish Times 22/09/2020).

Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic, highlights how blocking inflammation does not fix the root cause of this out-of-control inflammation. Resolving the "root cause" is the real issue. Anything else is just a temporary “sticking plaster” solution. We need to understand that “appropriate” inflammation is a crucial part of the immune systems defence strategy. Blocking this inflammation may temporarily assist people suffering with chronic disease but, it can also let people open to infection and viruses like covid-19. Additionally, if the root cause is not addressed, it can but fester underneath this suppression.

For whatever reason, modern medicine does not treat the root cause of disease. Its primary focus is upon blocking the distressing symptoms of disease. If resolving the root cause of disease is not the objective, we should not be surprised to hear that one million people in Ireland suffer with one or more chronic, life-long disease.

It is very difficult to understand where modern medicine is going. Research using a pharmaceutical approach receives €380million to develop drugs to block (suppress) inflammation. Yet ground-breaking research in another laboratory into the actual root cause of this out-of-control, disease causing inflammation, secure a mere $5.5 million. This laboratory research has identified diet and gut health as the root cause.

In conclusion, all that I have been saying for the past thirty years about the importance of food intolerance testing, of getting a gluten intolerance test and the emphasis I have put on getting a proper laboratory based, CE marked food intolerance test, may yet prove to be correct.

Martin Healy

Fitzwilliam Food Test

(Food intolerance testing Dublin & Nationwide)

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