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Successful Treatment for covid-19

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Would you be interested in details about how to protect yourself from covid-19? Or if you were unlucky enough to catch covid-19 and need hospital admission, would you be interested in significantly reducing your chances of needing intensive care unit (ICU) admission? Well take a vitamin D supplement.

Fitzwilliam Food Test Clinic, Ireland premier food intolerance clinic, highlights the importance of taking vitamin D at this difficult time because the supporting evidence is overwhelming. Your immune system - which is your only real defence against this virus - will not function optimally in the absence of vitamin D. It is as simple as that.

Test laboratory data indicate that a significant number of the Irish people are vitamin D deficient. The problem stems from the fact that very few foods, apart from oily fish, have abundant levels of vitamin D. Sunshine is the best source but that is in short supply in Ireland. However, a vitamin D supplement which you can purchase for as little as €5 for a month’s supply would resolve this deficiency. It could dramatically increase your chances of remaining covid free this winter. This is the conclusion from several recent studies.

A Recent Hospital Clinical Trial (Spain)

  1. A group of 50 patients admitted with covid-19 viral pneumonia to Spanish hospital. All were given vitamin D in addition to standard treatment. Only one was admitted to ICU and none died.

  2. A second group of 25 patients admitted with covid-19 viral pneumonia to the same hospital. None of these 25 were given vitamin D in addition to standard medical treatment. Half were admitted to ICU and two people died.

Historians tell us that during the time of sail, scurvy was responsible for more deaths of sailors at sea than storms, shipwrecks, combat, and all other diseases. Scurvy was the pandemic of its time. It was a terrible death ravaging both body and mind and was caused by a chronic dietary vitamin C deficiency. A simple dietary supplement (vitamin C) could have saved millions of lives. Do not underestimate the potential of vitamin D. History has a habit of repeating itself!

In conclusion, increase your vitamin D levels by eating a lot more fish and by taking a daily supplement. If you have digestive issues, your absorption of this vitamin D will be restricted. Many diseases ranging from anaemia to osteoporosis are more diseases of absorption. This is because the gut wall is not absorbing the nutrient sufficiently. Inflammatory gut (which is very common) is the primary reason. Food intolerance is the most common reason for this epidemic of inflammatory gut (bloating, diarrhoea, reflux etc). Food intolerance testing or a gluten intolerance test with a proper laboratory based, medical grade, CE marked food intolerance test will guide you in your dietary choices.

Martin Healy

Fitzwilliam Food Test

(Food intolerance testing Dublin & Nationwide)

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