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Bloating & Food Intolerance

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Abdominal Bloating 

The digestive tract contains up to two pounds of live, living bacteria. The majority of this bacteria reside within the large intestine.  Some of these bacteria are protective and health enhancing. Others, however, are toxin producing. Any disturbance of gut health can trigger symptoms of bloating.

Abdominal Bloating Causes

Many prescribed drugs can disrupt the microbiome. Antibiotics are a real concern. Most worrying are repeat courses of antibiotics because of the potential damage to the gut bacteria. Repeat courses could mean that you are not treating the root cause. What is feeding this ongoing infection? Treating the root cause as opposed to just treating symptoms is increasingly what patients request from their doctor.

Your diet is critical to your gut health. Prebiotic foods such as garlic, onions, lentils, leeks, asparagus bananas etc. are some of the essential foods that feed the good gut bacteria. However, for some people these foods can trigger a lot of gas and bloating. Food intolerance is a significant problem for many people and can cause severe bloating symptoms.

For people suffering with coelic disease, gluten will negatively impact their gut health. Gluten intolerance is another separate issue. Many people are affected by Candida Albicans (Thrush). This infection is associated with recurring urinary tract infections and skin issues. The source of the infection is often rooted in a disturbed gut bacteria (microbiome) and bloating is a common feature.

Gut Bacteria

toxic spores within the colon leads to bloating

The blue and green globules are the overgrown, toxic spores within the colon. The white specles are the toxins released by these toxic gut bacteria.

bloating causes

Treating Abdominal Bloating

Increasingly, people are willing to search for and treat the root cause of bloating rather than opting for the quick , short term fix. If you are suffering from bloating or other such digestive disorders, the following tests may help you find the real root cause.

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